“A seeming effortless marriage of melody and mood, fine print and funky feels, “Across the Tracks” just whets the appetite for more material from Johnson. Never a busy player, she keeps busy playing with other artists and, understandably, doesn’t take as much time for herself. Perhaps she should be encouraged to do so more often.” -Aarik Danielsen, Columbia Daily Tribune


“In a world of wannabe thunder gods, Phylshawn Johnson just wants to be a musician. Hearing the sounds she makes and the way she speaks of making them, it’s clear she sees herself as an instrument designed to play in sweet accord with others, whether on the bandstand or in everyday life.” -Aarik Danielsen, Columbia Daily Tribune

“On her solo debut, the local singer-songwriter, who has made a name for herself drumming with various rock and jazz bands, proves she has a “Soul Heart,” and that tender, tuneful ticker pumps lifeblood through the record’s 13 tracks.”  -Aarik Danielsen, Columbia Daily Tribune

“Drummers are almost the luckiest of all musicians,” says Phylshawn Johnson. “We can play in a pop band one night and then play in a blues band another night. And it’s all very similar, but no one likes to admit that.” -MIZZOU Magazine

“The image most often associated with drummers is the Keith Moon-esque madman: wild, boastful and uninhibited. A quick sit-down with drummer Phylshawn Johnson would dispel that image. “Music is all I do,” Johnson says. “I’m just a music nerd.” John Odenthal, Vox Magazine, 30 Under 30

“The Nation of Love record label plays its debut showcase” –Jennifer Liu, Vox Magazine